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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kane Mayfield Live at Mobtown Studios

A live recording that myself and close friend Hector Khuon did at Kane Mayfield's microshow at Mobtown Studios. The new lens Hector got looks really amazing. Check it out. Hope you guys enjoy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Young Fisherman

The Young Fisherman is a story of a young man who has found that fishing has helped him in several great ways in a bad economy. Check it out and hopefully be inspired by this small documentary.

Thank you,
Daniel Hess

Exciting News

To Tony Productions has gone from basically nothing going on to a whole bunch of new stuff. This past week we recorded a cool microshow featuring Kane Mayfield of Mania Music Group at Mobtown Studios. After that on Saturday we were up at The Baltimore Convention Center covering Baltiwar and local artist DJ Blakmajik who played an amazing set.

Tonight around Midnight a new edit of True Docs: Fishing a documentary I did last summer is going up on youtube. I will of course post a link up on this page as well as facebook.

This upcoming weekend we will be recording a show for the band Unlisted After Death at Club Orpheus on Saturday. The show starts at 9 and goes to around 11:30. Also I have another show with Kane Mayfield this time at the Ottobar, which should be awesome. Kane has a lot of talent and does not disappoint with his performances.

Also I extend the offer I have had floating around on craigslist to record live concerts. We can get at least two angles filmed with high end professional HD equipment. It is a $100 to record the show and another $200 to edit/make copies/put footage online. Any local bands interested give me a call at 443-683-1185.

Check out the youtube!

Check out the facebook page!

Thank you,
Daniel Hess