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Saturday, July 30, 2011

NX5U Slow Motion Test

My awesome slow motion test is this weeks new video. I have been wanting to mess with slow mo on this new camera for a while but this week I truly put it to the test. I was trying to get the framerate down to make it look more cinematic but I think it still does. What do you guys think?


Video Delay

Had a very frustrating day today trying to edit the latest video. The short of things is now I know that I gotta update to both Windows 7 and Adobe CS5. The only problem is the guy who built my system is sort of not talking to me, so I don't know when that is going to happen. However I did learn a little bit more about After Effects as well as listened to some good Dubstep remixes.

The video will be up tomorrow morning and I hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks for the love,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of the 48 Hour Film Festival

So the 48 Hour Film Festival in Baltimore wrapped up on July 19th and I figured it was high time I told you guys what happened with all of that. Well for starters we did not win any Best of categories which was a hard blow for us but it happens. The good news however is that we did make it to the Best of screening so that in itself was a small victory for our film. The big winner this year was The Auctioneer which in my opinion took it for a great opening shot as well as a cute story. At the end I did not feel too much resolution for the main character as he looked just as depressed as the beginning but perhaps I am being nit-picky.

The thing that killed our film the most this year was probably the opening which was the weakest part of the entire film. The opening I know is the shot that people obviously see first and if you can not wow someone with it then why should they keep watching? This is true for our film, while I am proud of everything after the opening shots/reporting scene; that opening is just bad to me. It is no one in our group's fault that it happens, it is just these things slip through your fingers when you only have 48 hours to do a short film. If we had just a bit more time to tweak the opening it would have been a much more solid film.

That is my rant for today. A new video will be up Friday.

Dan H.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Close Friend

I am a firm believer in the fact that artists should always stick together because they can be the greatest allies as well as friends. One friend of mine in particular has continually shown me that he can produce some amazing photographs. He has an eye of a true professional and his work speaks for itself but today I fell the need to tell you all about how amazing he is!!!!

Mairo Ferreiera is an artist unlike any other, I first heard about him from my friend Hector who worked with him on a video project entitled The X Man. After that I had a writing class with him the very next semester where I was too shy to talk to him until after he talked about a story idea that I was so impressed with that I knew I had to work with him so I gave him my card. Soon there were a few projects that came my way and I kept him in mind but nothing ever really came about, until the 72 Hour Film Festival at Towson University. We finally worked together and he was extremely professional and helpful! Most recently we worked together on NINA which was for the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival. I know we will continue to work together, he is a good friend as well as great crewmember.

That brings me to my main point which is this man's photography...which can make me feel so amazing about life. I look at his photos almost every day not because I have bias (maybe a little) but it is just amazing. I just want you to see his work...don't just take my word for it.

Mairo's Website!

Check it out and Thank you guys!
~Daniel Hess

Friday, July 22, 2011

International Give Back Week

My mission for this week is to inspire everyone out there to give back in any way possible. I hope in one week I can at least inspire one other individual to give back to the world so that maybe we can make some change on this amazing Earth. It is a great life we live so let us help others in any way possible.

Friday, July 15, 2011


NINA was this year's entry into the 2011 Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival. It was a hard but fun project which required the strongest out of our whole team. It was a pleasure to be able to work hard and have this be the end result. I am proud of what we accomplished and I hope everyone who watches can be proud as well.

Friday, July 8, 2011

48 Hour Audience Choice Winners!

So the results from the 48 Hour Film Festival's audience choice vote came in today. Unfortunately Nina was not among the list of winners but the four other winners in this category had very good films. A lot of hard work went into to everyone's films but these four films deserved to get audience choice...however in my endless bias I hope Nina can make it to the best of screening but we will see. Below I will put links to the short films that were selected for audience choice (at least three of the four, the fourth one I could not find online yet).

Other than that I have more new videos coming up every Friday morning and soon I should be onto my next big summer project for yet another film festival...luckily this one is not for anything that needs to be done in 48 or 72 hours lol.

Here are the audience choice winning films (go watch them):

The Auctioneer
Hopping Through Hoops
Rare Finds
The Pen

Also don't forget to find us on facebook!

Thank you guys,
Daniel Hess

To Tony

This week I did a video poem to my cousin Tony. I wrote this poem earlier in the week as this was around the time that he died all those years ago. I still miss him very much but I know he is resting easy. I hope everyone can find something they love in this video and to remember everyday is a beautiful gift.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Camera Crane Test

This week I decided to test out my Camera Crane which my father built a few months back. I was going to use it for a short film but that film unfortunately did not get made completely due to time constraints. However this video outlines the potential of what it can do, also it allowed me to get better familiar with the crane. I hope you enjoy the short video. Also the music in the video is from MANIA MUSIC GROUP feel free to check them out and give them support they rock!