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Friday, June 24, 2011

Live at the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival

To Tony Productions and the entire Open Aperture team was in attendance at this years 48 Hour Film Festival. We filmed some things from the fest itself and also had some spotlight for all the crew members behind our film NINA. So please enjoy our little video about the fest and enjoy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

NINA Trailer

This is the official trailer for the latest short film NINA from Team Open Aperture a creative alliance of To Tony Productions, Sleeper Studios, Chung to the maxx studios, and High Point Pictures. We spent 48 hours of our lives getting this film done and we hope that all will go well at our screening but for now just enjoy this short little teaser trailer we have made for you guys!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

48 Hour Film Festival Updates!

So the 48 hour film festival was this this past weekend and we did GREAT! At least in my opinion. Team Open Aperture came together amazingly with some really well planned pre production...producing by yours truly. We managed to pull together three great actors (Lydie Bavoil, Nick Hanson, and Steve Khuon) who did a great job on short notice. In addition we had some great pre made scores courtesy of Mania Music Group, who are always AMAZING!

Our genre was Superhero which at first we thought was going to be easy but proved to be very hard considering the fact that were told at 7:30pm Friday and didn't have a final draft of a story done until 10 am Saturday. From there we got our actors ready and started filming about 2pm and we went hard until 5am the next morning. Then we went to HQ aka Hec's house and edited like crazy! We got done our final cut for the festival at 6:45 pm, then ran to drop it off! RIGHT ON TIME!

Now we got the screening on June 23rd at 9:30pm at The Charles Theater. Also the trailer for the film which we have titled NINA is going up tomorrow morning. Be sure to check it out and keep track of all TTP related info!


Daniel H.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Two Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding

This is a giant reference to a South Park episode from an early season. We decided to do something as cinematic as possible but still retain a semi shock factor. It is worth watching at least once just to see where we went with it. Please enjoy it, and if you like this video tell your friends to watch it too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What the summer brings!

This summer is going to be a comedy filled one for To Tony Productions. Just as last summer's theme was documentaries this one is going to be comedy. Each week we are going to try something completely different just to attempt a new style and push our limits. Last week was a good starting point but we will and are getting better each new go around.

Also this coming weekend is the 48 hour film festival which will rejoin the same crew from the 72 hour film festival, which hopefully will yield the same results. We won't know exactly what is going on until Friday night so it is going to be a very sleepless weekend.

Another thing on our list of projects is what could be two music videos. One is a locked down deal but the other is still in the developments stages. We will see in the next few weeks.

Finally I am hoping to get my crew from the 72 and upcoming 48 hour film festivals to come together to make a solid short film that doesn't require a limited time frame to complete. This is just a thought for now, not sure of any time frame either on that.

In any case we have a busy summer ahead, hopefully all you fans will be keeping up. Remember a new video Friday and hopefully every Friday in the summer. Stay tuned!

Thank you guys for all the love,
Daniel Hess

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grizzly Bear Fitness

New short film entitled Grizzly Bear Fitness a tongue and cheek look at over the top exercise videos. That is the theme for the summer webseries...COMEDY! First time doing comedy videos, will be uploading them all summer for you guys to enjoy! So check it out!