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Friday, September 30, 2011

Love Is Undead or Love Is Not Dead?

So with one more shoot date scheduled this short film of mine certainly is coming along. While filming will have taken place over 3 months time we will have in all reality only filmed 3 days worth of content. The reason this process has been taking so long is due to a lack of truly dedicated crew and severe scheduling conflicts. But that is besides the point...

I come to you today however with a proposal for the title of the film...should it be Love is Undead or Love is Not Dead? Remember this is a film about a strange couple who finds a common bond in killing zombies. For me though I have fallen in love with both titles so that is why I need your help! You can either comment on this post, or send me an email at mind_confided@yahoo.com or go to the To Tony Productions facebook page and let me know what you think.

As a special thank you though I am going to post a single screenshot from the film so far. This is a very raw image and has not been cleaned up but I think once you see it you will get a feel for the strange vision of this project.

Thanks so much guys!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In Need Of...

Hey Everyone,

 On September 25th I have a film shoot which will be wrapping up my zombie short film, which I did half of about a month ago. Due to on set technical difficulties at the time I had to stop filming that day and postpone everything until next Sunday. However I am in need of two key roles for the shoot: 1.) A Production Assistant to hold bounce cards/scrims to assist with the lighting process 2.) A zombie to try and eat our main character. Anyone interested please send me an email to mind_confided@yahoo.com

Thank you,
Daniel Hess

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too Long

So it has been too long since I last posted information on TTP. A lot has been keeping me occupied and away from almost forms of social media.

The first thing keeping me busy is working with ibnsports.com. Which is a company based out of California that does live streams of big football games around the world. Last weekend I was filming at Morgan State for the I-95 kickoff classic and this weekend I am going to be up at Navy Stadium for the Patriot Bowl. You can check out the livestreams online the day of events and they also do highlight recaps for Yahoo Sports. So after the game I have to do a highlight reel as well which is proving to be harder than I thought because I need to make it a small quicktime file which is difficult to encode.

The other thing keeping me busy is school which has been hectic to say the least already. I am a Senior now at Towson University so the classes are harder than ever, it doesn't help much that over the first two weeks I have changed my schedule around a lot. However not that I have a solid schedule and I am getting used to the classes I should be more able to relax.

The final thing keeping me at bay is the injury I suffered at work on the 27th of August where I cut my finger on a nice jagged piece of broken glass. Since then my right hand was almost completely useless and just yesterday was when I finally got the stitches out, now for another week I have keep it completely dry and leave little butterfly bandages in it so that it heals all the way on the top not just underneath the skin. 

So these are the things holding me up, I am still going to try and finish my zombie short film on the 25th and I am going to keep giving you guys updates as soon as I get to it.

Thanks for the support,