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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Details

So over here at To Tony Productions we are about $700 short of our goal to get a lens adapter and new Canon L lenses (for now at least just one). Over the next month hopefully we will be able to have enough to get the equipment. At this point I honestly thought we would have enough but since we decided to go with The Redrock Micro M3 adapter that has changed.

It has been a busy month of filming about 4 concerts in one month including 2 Kane Mayfield shows, Unlisted After Death show, and Baltiwar!

In other news I personally have been developing a really cool screenplay in my screenwriting class that I may turn into a whole script, I think it has enough intrique in it to capture the attention of studio executives but hopefully it will clear the whole budget issue (it is definetely a big budget picture to say the least). All about machine and human interactions in an alternative future.

Finally I am here to say again that if you can please donate to To Tony Productions we appreciate the support and every little bit counts.

Thank you,
Daniel Hess

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