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Thursday, June 16, 2011

48 Hour Film Festival Updates!

So the 48 hour film festival was this this past weekend and we did GREAT! At least in my opinion. Team Open Aperture came together amazingly with some really well planned pre production...producing by yours truly. We managed to pull together three great actors (Lydie Bavoil, Nick Hanson, and Steve Khuon) who did a great job on short notice. In addition we had some great pre made scores courtesy of Mania Music Group, who are always AMAZING!

Our genre was Superhero which at first we thought was going to be easy but proved to be very hard considering the fact that were told at 7:30pm Friday and didn't have a final draft of a story done until 10 am Saturday. From there we got our actors ready and started filming about 2pm and we went hard until 5am the next morning. Then we went to HQ aka Hec's house and edited like crazy! We got done our final cut for the festival at 6:45 pm, then ran to drop it off! RIGHT ON TIME!

Now we got the screening on June 23rd at 9:30pm at The Charles Theater. Also the trailer for the film which we have titled NINA is going up tomorrow morning. Be sure to check it out and keep track of all TTP related info!


Daniel H.

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