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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zombie Shoot

So last Thursday I had the zombie film shoot which I have to say was a little crazy but a lot of fun. We had about 14 zombies at the end of the day. Among the great zombie actors were David Lukes and his two sons, Derek Stroman, Nate and Shannon Nelson, Zach and Mike Stuprich, Jeanne Graham and her daughter, Skyler Newman, Mary Keeney, and Shannon and John Cosgrove. Everyone of these actors/friends was completely patient with the makeup process and performed GREAT! Of course I can not forget the makeup help I received from Ashley Saville, Gabe Romero, and Geetha Stachowiak. My two main actors for the day were Ashley Saville and the ever great Nick Hanson. I have to thank my sound people Jesse Purpora and James Stansfield for helping boom. Also a big shout out to Anthony Rose for letting me use his light kit and my family for getting the house ready for the big day. Finally I have to thank Shane Messick for being the featured zombie even though the light going out prevented him from getting more than one scene down. I can't wait to finish up the rest of the film in September.

Thanks again guys!

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