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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Been a while...

Well it has been a little while since I posted up anything new. So here is the 411 over at To Tony Productions. Right now I just got done making a cinema style introduction for a short film in my video production class. That intro will be put up on youtube this Sunday at midnight. Also as far as Gas Guzzlers I finished re filming the last scene about a week ago, however I have not really had too much time to mess with things in the editing room. Once school slows down more or I just find time I will start to mess with it. I promise that it will be done soon though. Other things going on...well for that same production class I have to do a short film, so I can gurantee at least one new short film from To Tony Productions before the end of the year. In addition I have also started a new unique project which takes basically the same type of footage but just on a grand scale and slap that all together into one big video...I have a name for it but the name gives waaaaay too much away about it. Just know that when it is done it will come out of nowhere! Other than that I am just going to be promoting the company and spreading the word.

Thanks fans,
Dan H.

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