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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Designs and Logos!

It has been a while since I have posted anything up, mainly because I wanted to let people find the trailer for Gas Guzzlers very easily. Anyway I have a lot of new logos and designs for the company...

This first one is sort of a representation of the things that have been going on in my life as well as just an abstract piece. In my dark times I have just put out different words that are connected but then disjointed in the same vein as the way the limbs of the tree are...they may all have a common root but each limb sort of goes out on its own path.

In this one I again used the disjointed sayings and words to kind of be a motto for the independence of the company but then use a certain letter in each line to spell out To Tony. I like this one a whole lot and think it is very original and shows the artistic side of TTP.

This final one is a picture of my cousin Bryce who is actually Tony's younger brother. He was born after Tony's death but he is still his brother. In this one I took a very candid picture of him looking at my messed up chair in my room. After a while he got mad that I kept taking pictures and left. I decided to put the To Tony words on his head because I felt like that was a symbol for how he carries a piece of Tony with him and in his mind. I just wanted to do something abstract but again deep.

I hope you like the new designs as I have been putting them up on the facebook page over the past few days now. Don't forget to click the links below for all the cool stuff to check out.

Facebook Fan Page

Gas Guzzlers Trailer

Merch Site

Thanks for the love and support,
Dan Hess

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