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Friday, April 8, 2011

Truly Amazing!

In my life I have been so fortunate to have received so many great opportunities but tonight is a night that is truly special to me. Over the past almost 2 years now I have been working hard to push my films and all that hard work is truly paying off. I have to thank so many people but especially all the guys at Mania Music Group for believing in me when I had really nothing to show except for a short film and a lot of passion. Since working with them I have landed so many more opportunities but none as great as this...

Tonight actual footage that I shot at a concert with Kane Mayfield will be featured on national television. The program is called Keeping it Real and it plays at 1am. Thanks to this connection I even shot an episode of the show that will be aired sometime in the future. In less than two years this is truly truly truly amazing! I can not believe I have made so much progress and been able to do so much. I am truly blessed.

Thank you so much for what you do,
Daniel Hess

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