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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remebering a Great Woman

Nancy Hart was my grandmother, friend, and inspiration. Nancy was always there for me all throughout my life. She would babysit me from birth until I got old enough to be home by myself. She was a woman who would give me the best advice, and would show me a more positive way of seeing the world. When I was bullied in school she showed me that aggression was never the answer, and that the Lord was there to help me and that he would. She taught me the importance of things like the bible and religion in life. Although I now do not fully believe in organized religion she still accepted me for who I was. That was the other thing she taught me so well...acceptance of others was a value she placed very high. She showed me not to pass judgment on people. She died not too long ago today and I will never forget the special place that she has in my heart. I know she was very close to Tony and I know that now she will be able to find him and once again they can be happy together.

In many ways the film that I did this summer "Gas Guzzlers," took a lot from what she taught me in life and I always wanted nothing more than to show her the film and now I can't. I did a True Docs this summer where I interviewed her about family and I am so happy to have film of her that will live on and carry on her many messages. I hope that she is proud of what I have done and I always want her to know that I love her very much.

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