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Monday, October 25, 2010

2 Videos In 1

This week has been a busy one. On early Friday morning I did a review of Paranormal Activity 2 which has had good reception among people. On Saturday I visited a local bookstore/cafe (Shallow Creek to be exact) and recorded a friend of mine performing. Another old friend happened to be there and I recorded his set as well. Out of a nice night of performances I managed to get two videos out of it. The first is a cover of Would? by Alice In Chains as performed by Joe Doty. The next is a cover of Yesterday by The Beatles which was a duet by both Joe Doty and Chad Shoemaker. They were both amazing.

Chad is leaving for Florida soon and it is a very sad time as he was an actor in my film Gas Guzzlers, which has been an amazing success so far. I only wish him the best in his future acting endeavors.

Check out Yesterday Cover Here

Check out Would? Cover Here

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