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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October is Over

I hope everyone had a safe and productive Halloween yesterday! Halloween has to be one of my favorite holidays and this year I got to spend it with my girlfriend Ashley and I watched Evil Dead 2, what more could you ask for. October was our biggest month to date for To Tony Productions, no questions. We got to do a lot of great stuff, including coordinating a film shoot with Travis Pastrana, do photography at a huge gala event at M&T Bank Stadium, go on several film shoots with a fellow production company in Towson, start planning for our next music video, being the official photographer for the 3rd Annual Dundalk Zombie Walk, and working with a Los Angeles based crew at the Virgin Mobile Free Fest. It was a lot of traveling, hard work and dedication but now that this month is over I look back with a big smile knowing that TTP is moving forward at a great pace. We may not be moving at breakneck speed but slow and steady win the race.

So what is in store with November? Well we hope to start and finish filming for our next music video before the end of the month. I have perhaps one photo gig this weekend but as of right now it is up in the air. We will be working with a company based out of Seattle to do an intimate poem reading video, hard to explain but it will be pretty cool. Finally we will continue to work alongside [kp] mag studios and I will be doing my part time work over at Render Perfect Productions in Towson. It should be a fun and productive month, probably not as big as October but we will be constantly booking more work as the month progresses.

Random Movie Fact: In the 2010 film Easy A, Olive's family members are all named after foods: her parents' names are Dill and Rosemary, both herbs; her younger brother's name is Chip, and the one at college is named Kale, and the fact that her name, Olive, is also something edible is the subject of a joke in the movie.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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