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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Promotional Battle

So yesterday I had hoped to get a brochure done, business card design, and a website done before the day was through. Instead we only got the brochure done and even that needs to be tweaked a good amount from what we came up with. I think it was just an off day for me and my buddy yesterday, I think I was hoping he would spearhead the design more and vice versa for him. So in the end we both were kind of lost in the design phase, what we have on the front and back cover work perfect I love it, but the inside leaves a lot to be desired. I think what we really need is more about the company, like how we got started, what we are all about all that good stuff. Right now it is more of a here is what we do as far as services kind of thing. Either way though it will get done just a lot slower than I thought it would be.

More photo editing for me today, gotta finish up the dj photos and also finish Ashley's headshot photos for her acting application.

Random Movie Fact: In the 2001 film Life as a House, the featured house had to be removed after filming, but costume designer Molly Maginnis led a group of parents that had it dismantled, reconstructed, and enlarged to become a library for the Kenter Canyon school in Brentwood, California. The new library opened in April 2004.

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