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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today's Forecast

It has been a beautiful couple of days here in Edgemere, Md, the high is 63 degrees and for December 5th that is pretty amazing. I got up extra early today, in part due to a possible meeting with a model which I may push back due to a few things coming up the next few days...but also just to get an early start to the day. Lately I have been sleeping in a lot, due to the lack of motivation (not really depressed but it has been a rough patch for me) to really get moving in the morning. Today I wanted to change all that and come 7am I was up and moving around. So today looks like it is going to be a much better day.

So yesterday was back on the photo edit work load, which I had stepped away from just because I have been editing so many photos lately I got a little tired of it. However I got back on the horse and finished edits for a long standing client I have on hold since September (it was a free gig so it kind of got put on a backburner due to the number of paid photo gigs that came after). I also started edits for a client I did a studio shoot for on Saturday...I also have to get to the headshots I did for Ashley and the birthday party I did last Saturday night. So in short a lot of photo editing.

Random Movie Fact: In the 2002 film Big Fat Liar, the blue dye was tattoo ink that was sprayed in several layers on his body occasionally throughout the day to keep it topped up. According to Paul Giamatti (Marty Wolf), it was fairly easy to apply, but was a bit more difficult to get off, particularly his feet, for some reason. They stayed blue for several months.

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Daniel Hess

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