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Monday, November 8, 2010


Things here at To Tony Productions have been painfully slow to say the least. With school at the craziest point it has been at I have been completely consumed. I have to make a short film for school and this wednesday should be the start of the film. It is going to be a short centered around one character, with probably a maximum of two characters in the whole film. I am expecting the film to be about 15 minutes long, or shorter.

Gas Guzzlers is done and I am hoping to get a theater screening of this film at my school at Towson U. Tomorrow I am meeting with the head of the department about renting out the school's mini theater for a one night showing of the film. Hopefully everything will work out...

Really not too much else going on right now, I am just trying to get life situated and I am saving up to get an SG - Blade lens adapter for my camera. Once I get that, my films will look even more stunning and professional.

Keep up the support and Thank you all,
Dan H.

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