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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End of the 48 Hour Film Festival

So the 48 Hour Film Festival in Baltimore wrapped up on July 19th and I figured it was high time I told you guys what happened with all of that. Well for starters we did not win any Best of categories which was a hard blow for us but it happens. The good news however is that we did make it to the Best of screening so that in itself was a small victory for our film. The big winner this year was The Auctioneer which in my opinion took it for a great opening shot as well as a cute story. At the end I did not feel too much resolution for the main character as he looked just as depressed as the beginning but perhaps I am being nit-picky.

The thing that killed our film the most this year was probably the opening which was the weakest part of the entire film. The opening I know is the shot that people obviously see first and if you can not wow someone with it then why should they keep watching? This is true for our film, while I am proud of everything after the opening shots/reporting scene; that opening is just bad to me. It is no one in our group's fault that it happens, it is just these things slip through your fingers when you only have 48 hours to do a short film. If we had just a bit more time to tweak the opening it would have been a much more solid film.

That is my rant for today. A new video will be up Friday.

Dan H.

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