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Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Close Friend

I am a firm believer in the fact that artists should always stick together because they can be the greatest allies as well as friends. One friend of mine in particular has continually shown me that he can produce some amazing photographs. He has an eye of a true professional and his work speaks for itself but today I fell the need to tell you all about how amazing he is!!!!

Mairo Ferreiera is an artist unlike any other, I first heard about him from my friend Hector who worked with him on a video project entitled The X Man. After that I had a writing class with him the very next semester where I was too shy to talk to him until after he talked about a story idea that I was so impressed with that I knew I had to work with him so I gave him my card. Soon there were a few projects that came my way and I kept him in mind but nothing ever really came about, until the 72 Hour Film Festival at Towson University. We finally worked together and he was extremely professional and helpful! Most recently we worked together on NINA which was for the Baltimore 48 Hour Film Festival. I know we will continue to work together, he is a good friend as well as great crewmember.

That brings me to my main point which is this man's photography...which can make me feel so amazing about life. I look at his photos almost every day not because I have bias (maybe a little) but it is just amazing. I just want you to see his work...don't just take my word for it.

Mairo's Website!

Check it out and Thank you guys!
~Daniel Hess

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