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Friday, July 8, 2011

48 Hour Audience Choice Winners!

So the results from the 48 Hour Film Festival's audience choice vote came in today. Unfortunately Nina was not among the list of winners but the four other winners in this category had very good films. A lot of hard work went into to everyone's films but these four films deserved to get audience choice...however in my endless bias I hope Nina can make it to the best of screening but we will see. Below I will put links to the short films that were selected for audience choice (at least three of the four, the fourth one I could not find online yet).

Other than that I have more new videos coming up every Friday morning and soon I should be onto my next big summer project for yet another film festival...luckily this one is not for anything that needs to be done in 48 or 72 hours lol.

Here are the audience choice winning films (go watch them):

The Auctioneer
Hopping Through Hoops
Rare Finds
The Pen

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Thank you guys,
Daniel Hess

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