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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to Voicebox

After a few days of being swamped with applying places as well as going out for interviews things have slowed down again and now I am getting back to finishing up with Voicebox. I started fixing some of the edits yesterday and have been working on things to make the film visually more polished. I am also getting score done for the film right now and tomorrow I am going to try to do the foley work for the film. As I was sitting with a friend of mine yesterday I was commenting on how my professor said every scene has an emotional arc and he said...yeah every scene should or it is not needed. After I thought about that I was very happy with myself because I had accomplished a short where every scene is completely needed in that it had purpose. Other shorts I have done where I watch them and realize that some scenes are just filler or not needed but with this one it is not like that. I was proud of the film before but I am even more proud now.

In other news I have a funny feeling that Love is Undead and Kane Mayfield - Hello! will not place first at the Towson Media Arts Festival. Call it a hunch but I think the language and violent content will scare everyone off from picking it just because if it were to get first it would get screened and that means a film with language and violence will be shown. If that happens then anyone who brings their family will be offended and thus will lower the odds of high attendance for next year and I don't think the program wants to alienate any age group. I am also thinking this because in years past they just go for the film that is fun in a stupid way because that is just what they go for...especially in the shorts category and Music Video I just think Hello! is just too adult for them. So we will see but I have a bad gut feeling for this...don't get me wrong I am honored to just be a finalist.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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