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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So yesterday I posted up photos from my session with Brittany and Keith. That same session I did solo pictures of just Keith for his future musical endeavors. I really embraced a 60's to 70's style of lighting/photography, just really simple stuff. I have just a hard contrast from one side of his face to the next, so on one side we have hard light, the other just pitch black. On some of the edits I pushed this to an extreme and on others I left it a little lighter. I am very pleased with the results and if you would like some great photos feel free to contact me and book me soon.

Random Movie Fact: In the 1978 film Renaldo and Clara, when the film was originally released, its screenings were extremely limited. The film received very many condemning reviews and many theaters refused the screenings. The film was cut from its original four-hour length to a two-hour length, and what was left was mostly concert footage. This version was shown in more theaters than the original director's cut. The original four-hour cut would appear on European television some time later, on Channel 4.

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Daniel Hess

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