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Saturday, September 1, 2012


So I have been talking an awful lot about changes coming to To Tony Productions, but haven't really been vocal about what that means. Well I am here to say that TTP will no longer be doing any commercial style video. This means from now on you won't see any music videos or corporate pieces or promos with the TTP logo on it. The one...possibly two music videos I have already started the process with will still bear the TTP name on it but after that no more. Now that does not mean I am giving up on the commercial end, no...I am instead starting a new venture with a few friends of mine which will be set up just for commercial video production. This means all that we do for clients will be under that name. Where does that leave To Tony? Well I am switching my focus to where I have wanted it to be for a while now for one we are doing photography which is to say we will be doing photo work based around clients as well as selling prints of past work to people and the second thing is focusing on only cinema production. With photography as the everyday business and true movie production To Tony Productions I think will do better than ever. My mindset is best served in cinematic production, not commercial based production. TTP isn't going anywhere it is just back to its roots and with a new direction and focus things are going to be better than ever.

Random Movie Fact: In the 2012 film The Dictator, the always lifted point finger of Aladeen was inspired on Cuban dictator 'Fidel Castro' who is always pointing in his speeches.

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Daniel Hess

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