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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bummed Out Weekend

So I haven't really been updating the blog in a little bit so I am finally letting everyone in the loop today. So this past weekend was supposed to be Towson's Fourth Annual 72 Hour Film Festival...I was super duper amped for this. So much so I rented equipment and took off a lot of time from work to do my thing. I had suspected that this year was going to be the smallest year yet, what with the festival taking place over Easter weekend and all but I did not think they would actually cancel the event.

My suspicions began on Friday when I saw the event page for the screening was taken down, but no one bothered to email me with updates so I thought all was well. Then Saturday came and all day at work I was excited and wouldn't shut up about the details coming out at 4pm. So I get off work and on the way home it passes 4pm and nothing happens, 5pm still nothing, 6pm I email the guy running it and also post on the organizations facebook page. 7pm comes around and I am told it got cancelled. I was as you can tell a little p*ssed by this news especially since I took off work time and spent money on rental equipment. I couldn't believe it. So I responded the guy running it letting him now how upset and frustrated I was at the cancellation, just telling him that I spent over 200 bucks on nothing, took off time from work, made other people take off time from work all for nothing. He responded pretty nasty back to me about the whole thing saying that they had to waste money too, it was a lot of effort on their parts for nothing, etc (he said it in a tone I am leaving out). Then the President of the organization caught wind of it and sent an apology to me for the way he acted on the email...then later that night I got an apology email from the guy running the thing himself (which I could tell was forced so he was still kinda nasty about things). Needless to say I am meeting with the President guy not to raise hell but just to let them know how they should handle things in the future with this type of stuff. In the end I got to spend some time with my family so things weren't so bad, but my final 72 hour at Towson University will sadly never happen.

*PS I was the only one who signed up to film over this past weekend!

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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