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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Voicebox Troubles...Resolved

So I thought I was really going to have a bad breakdown yesterday but somehow I managed to rebound from all of it quite nicely surprisingly. Well yesterday started normally but I had to take my dog to get trimmed at Petsmart and she is crazy around other dogs so we give her little calming dog pills to help her relax and of course I say something before they take her back and they wouldn't take her to get groomed. They said is she is on that medication that they can't groom her so that was very frustrating because she is a handful as it is and then I can't even get her groomed...its a long story. Anyway to the important stuff.

As I was dealing with the stresses of yesterday my lead actor says he can't do the film since he just got surgery done and doesn't think he will be healed enough to do the film. So at first I was like oh great now what my main boy is out of the film, but it is all good because I am too clever to let that stop me lol. I instead am switching the gender of the main character to a girl instead of a guy, so now it is going to be a coming of age story revolving around two girls who are not sure about their feelings for one another. It is something that I think works super well with the story and is really helping me to focus my mind to how the film will look. It is one of those things that happen and you think it is going to ruin it all but actually turns out to be a great thing. I think that is exactly why it happened.

*PS All done my zombie film, more details coming up shortly on that.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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