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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

200th Posting!

Well this is it the 200th post I have made on this blog which I started back in June of 2010 or maybe a little earlier I can't remember. I have been letting you guys in on what is going on at To Tony Productions and also in my life in general. I am so glad to have been sharing my thoughts with you guys for so long now and hope to continue doing so for a long while. I feel the support everyday and the constant positive thoughts I get from you guys really help me get through tough times here in the field.

As far as today however I am in postproduction mode really just getting my mojo back which had been lost for a while. I am tweaking Love is Undead and also a series of photos I took back in August of last year which has just been sitting forever so I finally decided to go back and give it a look back. Those things should be coming out shortly. Oh and I did find a festival for the zombie film since the Maryland Film Festival is all done accepting submissions which is the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, their submissions begin in February which gives me a month to finalize everything with the film.

I am so glad to share my thoughts with you and for you to listen is pretty amazing!

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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