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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Day of the Last Semester

So today is my first day back to school in what looks to be my final semester here at Towson University. It has been a fun ride and I hope this semester turns into a memorable one (I would say the last great semester was Fall of 2009). It has turned into more of a chore than anything coming to school especially when you know what you need to do in the real world and just want to get there. I am taking it easy on myself or so I say by taking 3 upper level English Courses, One Film Course (Experimental! Scweet!) and One Math Course (the one I have been avoiding). I can't wait to get through it and start the rest of my life.

On a whole other note I wanted to talk about a recent interaction I had on Facebook last night with a "group" of people that call themselves professionals...which I will say outright they are not. The post I saw that a member posted was an audition call for a film they are doing. The first one they did was terrible but that is beside the point. Anyway they were going to charge $5 for a processing fee for actors to come out to audition. I was mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No audition should ever cost money for anyone ever ever ever ever ever ever period. If someone wants you to pay them to watch you act when you are not even guaranteed a spot in the film just walk away. The thing was after I called them out they still argued it with me saying that they deserve to get paid for hours of listening to actors. NO NO NO you get paid when the film you are making gets money...and if you are getting into this business because you are trying to make a quick buck then you are wrong. Every professional producer out there takes a gamble producing a film and on small productions usually takes a little bit of a loss. Trying to think that you deserve to make money to hear auditions is total and utter shit! If you are getting into this business because you don't want a real job or you think it is easy there is the door buddy because no good people like you flood the indie market and drive too many people down the drain. Film is an open canvas and people like I encountered last night and have encountered so many times before just smear shit all over that canvas.


Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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