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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things Are Picking Up

So today is the end of my first week of the minimester. It has been hard sitting through 5 hour classes but I am getting the hang of it. My first day I was ready to give up but by today I feel a new sense of energy especially since I talked to my teacher after class yesterday. At first it was about lighting but then it turned into different thoughts on college and life afterwards. He even told me about some productions coming into town soon which was pretty bad ass.

Also I am pretty firm that shooting of the samurai film with take place either January 14th or 15th. I am hoping for the 15th because I get out of work early in the day and the 14th is another show for Kane Mayfield and I really want to go to the concert. Not only to get footage from that but also because it is in DC and if we can spend the day getting awesome shots around the DC area for the video that should be it for the music video.

Also in about a half hour I am leaving to go up to my friend Everett's to get my hard drive back which has been a long time coming but I am glad to finally get it. Oh and also I will be getting the computer back for the the third time on Friday which again is awesome because it is finally in working order!

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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