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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The World of the Mini...Mester

Yesterday was the first day of my minimester at Towson and wow was it a lot different than what I expected to say the least. It is a pretty empty place at Towson during the minimester and when I tried to get something to eat all the stores on campus were closed. I was half expecting this but still it was pretty strange. I decided to get some food at Jerry's subs and it was nice to be able to leave campus drive out and come back no problem but this luxury does not make up for the 4 1/2 hour class followed by the 5 hour class I have to take with only a 2 hour break in between. It is a huge marathon to say the least.

In other news I am still trying to find a date for my samurai short film which has been on the back burner since late December. My DP is still not getting back to me 100% on the date and whenever we seem to get close to it things sort of fizzle out. He is a great guy just not the best with scheduling but no matter I press on and will be able to get things moving with it.

In even other news I am still trying to finish Love is Undead which again got majorly delayed by the fact that my computer sort of died and to make matters worse I still don't have my hard drive back which I haven't had access to since early December again my DP has it and I haven't been able to schedule a time to really pick it up yet. It is coming though do not worry.

Other than that I still am working on the music video for Hello by Kane Mayfield which has turned into a video with a lot of travel footage sprinkled on top. The entire video is very guerilla style but it is looking good. We have to hit DC and Federal Hill and we should be all done with it. I expect that to be wrapped up before the end of January.

My final project is getting that Baltimore Humane Society video done which I will be able to jump into again after I get my computer back on Friday. Can't wait I have so much catching up to do.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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