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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Get it All Done Day

Today is get it all done day for me. Mainly because I have to try and get everything done before Sunday/Monday. Plus I have to run around and get supplies still for Sunday/Monday. I have to get ink for my printer, hooks to hang the china balls for the samurai film, and fishing wire. All of which is going to be crazy to do considering I am working all day today and I know I am going to be very very very tired...to say the least. I couldn't even get up at 8 this morning when I fell asleep last night at 11pm. I got up at 9 which is like 10 hours of sleep and as I am typing I am still a tad bit groggy, being sick sucks. I hope by Sunday I will feel better but I doubt it very much since I am probably going to get bad sleep tonight and then right after work on Sunday I have to get a room all ready for filming by decorating with different items. I just can't wait to get all of this done. After the 17th things should be slowing down. Unless something else comes my way which it probably will. I am not complaining about that just merely talking about it. Wish me luck with all of this guys.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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