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Friday, January 13, 2012

DC Trip

Today was my big DC trip to shoot the DC end of the Hello video for Kane Mayfield and also meet with an executive producer about an Assistant Director position on his upcoming short film. The video shoot was short and sweet, really only got 4 shots at the location, one of them being Kane rapping the whole song. As far as the meeting it seemed to go really well, I was offered a 2nd Assistant Director position which I would love to do but the travel is what is going to be tricky. The way it was described to me it sounded like we would be staying out shooting until midnight each day and the Megabus doesn't go that late so I have to look into two different options. Option 1: Try to convince the executive producer or another crewmember close by to let me crash there for the shoot the next day or...Option 2: Take the metro back home each night and return the next day by the same mode of transportation. I hope I can do Option 1 since it will save me a lot of money but if Option 2 works I may have to just do that. I will have to ask around and get it all straightened out before early February.

Other than that on Sunday I have the Samurai short film shoot and then on Tuesday I have to shoot the final lighting project for class which will be a late night shoot as well. In addition I almost forgot I have to turn in my first project for my other minimester class on Monday...somehow. Tonight is all about good sleep so that I can just work tomorrow and get a lot done Saturday night before all hell breaks loose.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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