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Friday, August 10, 2012

Arlington County Fair Day 1

So today marks the first day of the Arlington County Fair. I will be leaving my place at 12:30 and should be there by about 1:30-45. After that it is set up time and then taking lots of pictures...well hopefully. It is a gloomy day here on the east coast and hopefully that does not deter people too much from coming out and enjoying the fair. I am glad to be doing my first professional photo gig and thankful for the opportunity from the great staff at NeoNiche strategies. The one person who is especially to thank is Nick Hanson, who you may remember I worked with on past short films Nina and Love is Undead, he starred in both. He is a great guy and all this time later helped me to get into this company since he had nothing but high praises for me. It is so wonderful to know genuine people who are so helpful along my journey. None of this would be happening right now if it weren't for him. Thanks Nick!

Random Movie Fact: In the 2002 film Jackass: The Movie, The reason the majority of stunts were filmed in Japan was because whenever the crew tried to film them in the US, swarms of teenage Jackass fans would show up to watch the filming.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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