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Sunday, August 5, 2012

This Week is Gonna Be BUSY!

This week coming up looks like it is going to be pretty busy! Tomorrow I have to head down to Virginia to fill out some paperwork for that company that is going to contract me out to do some gigs for them. That is in the morning then in the afternoon around 2pm I am going to be setting up for the final part of Wesley Spangler's video Three Beers Later and we are going to be doing that until we finish up which will probably be at the latest 8pm. On Tuesday I am going to be at [kp] mag recording studio doing some foley work for a project I got hired on to do post production for. After that around 6pm I am doing a volunteer photo gig for a city housing project which looks to be pretty cool it is just a little community get together. Then on Wednesday I have an eye doctor appointment lol, so that day and Thursday things look like they are going to settle down. Finally this weekend if all things work out I will be doing my first gig down in Virginia for a county fair just taking pictures to promote a city driving initiative in Arlington. So that will be the 10th-12th in the afternoon. Wish me luck on all of this I hope it all pans out and everything goes through.

Random Movie Fact: In the 1989 film Do the Right Thing, all of the scenes of the "Corner Men" Robin Harris, Paul Benjamin, and Frankie Faison were improvised.

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Daniel Hess

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