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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Arlington County Fair Day 3

So I got back a little while ago from the third day of photography at the Arlington County Fair. Today we got the most photos of any day and I finally nailed down the perfect strategy for taking photos, too bad it was on the last day but no fear I got about 30 different people today so plenty to choose from. It was my longest day working (12-5) and it was the day we had to break down all the tents and junk (clean up is my least favorite part). However it was my first official big gig as a photographer so I feel pretty proud of myself for turning something that was once a hobby into a fairly steady little gig.

Looking back at this week I have to say again I am extremely proud of myself. Monday I was able to take a trip to Virginia to finalize a photo contract, then come back to Maryland and finish the performance part of the Three Beers Later music video. Tuesday I was able to record foley for a ADR/Color correction project, then come back from Forest Hill, Md, go home, and like five minutes later head out to Baltimore City for a volunteer photography gig. Wednesday I picked out new glasses (so yay for that!). Thursday, I was out at Render Perfect doing some tape transfer to Final Cut Pro and learning FCP all over again for what will be either a freelance job or a part time job at that company (it is my choice, I will have to see). Then finally Friday-Sunday traveling down to Arlington from good old Edgemere to do more photography. This has to have been the busiest week ever for me and like I said before and proud of myself. To me this is the start of something great, and I am glad I am the one paving my path...I feel truly independent in the video/photo world which is amazing! I hope things keep up this way.

Random Movie Fact: In the 1986 animated film An American Tail, the opening scene of the ship's arrival in America (at Castle Garden) is based on a photograph in Christian Weekly magazine from March 28, 1874. On the barge is written, Einwanderer Beforderung, which means "Immigrant Transfer" in German.

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Daniel Hess

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