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Saturday, February 4, 2012

2 Photoshots 1 Day

So in a few hours I will be attending to the first photoshoot of the day and the first photo session since August of last year...it has been a while. I am doing headshots for an actor making the trip all the way up from VA which is pretty awesome for me. I am going to be working with him for about an hour or maybe even two at noon until the next actor has his session at 2pm which will go until 3:30 at the very latest...I hope thanks to work today. The second session wants headshots as well as doing a monologue reading which makes things a little more complicated but in both circumstances I am getting paid so I will work diligently for both actors. I hope after getting through these two actors I can have more photo work so I can do more headshots, because I am just trying to offer quality work for a price that is insanely cheap ($75 for unlimited photos/touch up). It is not because I suck or at least I hope I don't it is just because actors are hard working and money is hard to come by. I am not trying to run a scam on them, I am trying to help them out by providing an essential service at a low price.

As long as it all goes well today things should be picking up soon on the photography end of things. That would be awesome!

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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