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Friday, February 17, 2012

Nap Time

What I wouldn't give right now to take a long nap...nah I wanna keep working hard. Today I had work all day and really wasn't up to much video content however I did just make my first experimental film which I feel like a lot of people had a good response too in class. In fact I think I may upload it and put it on vimeo tonight. I think it was pretty good, I just hope no one takes offense to it.

In other news I am still trying to finish up the treatment for Kane Mayfield's next video, which after a long talk yesterday with him the whole original treatment has been scrapped to the side in favor of something more inspirational. I still like it and think it works, it wasn't my first choice but the first option was much too dark, because that is how I always write stories it seems. I also spiced up Voicebox a bit by adding some much needed awkward humor to the film which I think will work out really well in the whole story.

Tomorrow I am filming a monologue for an actor from VA which will be fun and the rest of the day is dedicated to spending time with my girlfriend Ashley because we haven't had a day together in like forever, and I guess tomorrow doesn't even count because of the video work. Oh well I guess it looks like it is the closest we will get for a little while.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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