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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finishing and Starting

So yesterday I finally buckled down and finished up the edit for my Baltimore Humane Society project in corporate video...ya know the one from last semester. Well I had it pushed back and back and back until I decided yesterday to take the whole day to get it done. It was worth it to finally get that big burden off my mind, it sucked knowing that whenever I had free time in the back of my head I would think I could be getting this project done. Well it is done! I am also almost done with Love is Undead I am hoping to somehow get it done before Friday but I don't think that will happen especially since I am going to be up all night tonight watching Start Wars in 3D with a friend of mine, so I won't be getting up early and I have work in the afternoon.

On a separate note I am officially starting the scriptwriting process for what is now titled Voicebox a film with what people have been telling me is a badass idea so I will see if I can turn a badass idea into a badass film or what will happen. I am hoping to have a DP and an Assistant Director out of two buddies of mine as well as a boom operator out of another friend of mine. If I can get those three and maybe a PA I would be set for this film. Also getting locations locked down will be kind of tricky since I really want a school setting, I will have to see. It is fun to get started on what is shaping up to be my biggest project yet but also scary at the same time.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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