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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trying to Keep Track

It has been pretty hard to keep track of everything these past few days. Really just about scheduling everything and staying on top of everyone. For Saturday things have changed around a ton and they are still changing constantly, it seems like everytime I get online the way the photo sessions keep happening are different. I don't even know if everyone is going to be there, it is tough and I am just always sending messages like "Are you still down?" Then I get asked more questions about everything and then pause...ask it again...back to more questions lol. I just need straight answers from people.

Enough about that though, as far as other work I found out that I gotta turn in this corporate video to my teacher before the end of the first four weeks of the semester or I fail the class. That would suck so I gotta get on top of that. Plus I really gotta get Love is Undead finished up before the 10th if I want to get it into the Sacramento Horror Film Festival. Also after all those photo sessions I have to edit the pictures quickly because the actors need them for auditions that are right around the corner. So again I am going from a dull period to a busy one...I also have to see about doing my second music video which I wanna be able to shoot in February and get done by early March at the latest. Again...we will see.

A lot of work is coming my way again which is strange because I guess the whole semester starting and making me wanna work hard again is why I am booking all of this freelance stuff. Over break I didn't want to do anything but then again my mojo was gone then as well. Thanks mojo for coming back when the semester is here and I totally scheduled way too many hard classes lol. Nah I love it!

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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