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Friday, February 3, 2012

Farewell Sony HXR NX5U

Well it is an end to an era...or maybe the first era of my film career. Today I officially sold my Sony HXR NX5U camera for $3,000. It was hard but it was time to let go of the camera, mainly because it is just outdated. It was a glorious day when the camera arrived, I was so happy to have a great camera that was going to do so much for me and it did. The camera served me amazingly for about a year and a half. I used it for Gas Guzzlers and many of my student projects, for 2010 and 11 it was perfect. However the DSLR camera has really taken over the market and it beats my camera in several categories. For one it can run higher mbp/s which makes the HD much higher quality. If you compare the two the Canon T3I or 7D beats it every time. Also DSLR cameras give you an amazing depth of field that is much more cinematic than the HXR could ever be. It does suck though because I put out a lot of money for the Redrock Micro M3 adapter which I just got last summer and I should have never bought it. At that point I was just hanging onto the silly dream of making the HXR a cinematic camera, which it could be but the low data rate just makes the picture much muddier and then the grain from the adapter just doesn't look good at all. That is the next thing to sell, I hope I can at least get a 1,000 out of the adapter.

It has been fun HXR it really has but with the RED camera and Canon C300 on the market there really isn't room for you anymore. It is a new frontier and I hope to get out and make even better looking work in the future.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess


  1. Hi Daniel - Really curious about your having sold it. I'm interested in picking up a NX5U for 3K, to complement my 5DMkII/60D/T2i setup, as I need something that won't suffer from rolling shutter and can shoot action sequences from cars. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

    1. Yeah I sold it which was a tough decision but I am going to upgrade to the Canon 5D Mark III when it releases later this year. I think the NX5U stands up good with rolling shutter, I did not test it too much while I had it. I think even CMOS cameras have trouble with rolling shutter. I would look into Warp Stabilizer inside of After Effects it will clean up rolling shutter very well. Try that before getting a new camera.