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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What we like about...

Daniel Hess

Everyday I see this old piece of paper that my 11th grade teacher Ms. Brown printed out and laminated for everyone in the class. It is something that I have kept all these years and it makes me smile even on a bad day. She made everyone in the class write one nice thing about every other person in the class. It was a corny thing we had to do for homework that turned into something pretty cool. I just wanted to share the comments I got on the paper.

"I like how you put a lot of energy into everything. Your hard work is noticed."

"He's smart and has pretty eyes (dun-dun-dun)."

"Dan is helpful and will explain things to me."

"Dan is very smart."

"He's very smart and won't think twice about helping out."

"Dan has a future in rapping. He makes awesome raps."

"Dan is very funny and can handle criticism well."

"Dan is very hard-working."

"Dan explains things to me when I am confused."

"He talks to everyone!"

"Dan always does more than he has to."

"He's good at being involved in school."

"The fact that Dan sits next to Marina and her laugh shows he's a strong individual."

After all that my teacher added a comment to the bottom.

"Dan - I truly appreciate your diligence, your positive attitude, and your playfulness (except the orange incident). You are my philosopher, and you will go far in life."  -Miss Brown.

This takes me back to a simpler time when school seemed hard and every day was a new adventure. Now a days it is all work and little play. I loved high school and will always miss it, I guess I can be an overly nostalgic guy but that was a time when I felt like the whole world was in my backyard. A time when I had so many friends...a time where nothing could get me down. 

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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