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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Honfest Day 2

So today is the second day of shooting for Honfest 2012. Yesterday was long and filled with lots of sun exposure but overall a cool time. For me it was the longest I have ever been to Hampden and when the streets are all closed the day it was, it was pretty cool. Today I gotta get some of the interesting looking food they have to offer, I saw a crab pizza yesterday and it looked so good, hopefully I will have enough time to get one. Also yesterday was the start of the big Baltimore's Best Hon competition which was funny, and today they crown the winner so if you have time stop on down. There is food, beer, free stuff, and cool people so go on down and have a ball, if I wasn't helping film the event I know I would be.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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