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Friday, June 8, 2012

Interview Today

So yesterday I was supposed to have an interview with a local production/post house in the Towson area, however it got postponed until today. So today at 2pm I have my interview which I am happy to have the opportunity for and also excited to see what happens. So wish me luck on that today.

Yesterday melted down into a full on basketball kind of day. It was so nice outside so things just seemed right to play some pick up games with a friend of mine. My skills are improving and I am feeling a whole lot better with the level at which I am playing at (compared to just 5 years ago). I hope to keep getting better and maybe one day I will even be able to play in a little adult league or something.

So my car has been leaking engine coolant for a little bit now and I have been dreading getting it fixed since I know it is going to cost some money, and with no available income it is a bit of a dive. However, yesterday my dad comes up to me and is like I will fix it but you have to cut the grass the entire rest of the summer. So I am like score, not only will be cutting the grass again which is good exercise but I will get my skills back up since I haven't cut the grass in like 2 years. Now I am not dropping any cash and my car will be running like new, chalk one up for the barter system!

Still catching up on sleep....still keeping busy over here, I hope life is treating you as good as it is treating me right now.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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