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Monday, June 25, 2012

I Need to Shoot Something

Like a video shoot, it feels like forever since my last video shoot, even though it kinda was this month, but that was the bust of the 48 (which I am not here to discuss). Anyway yeah I feel like all I do these days is talk about negotiating with clients and talking over budgets which sucks, because that is all I have been doing. Lately all I do is talk things over with what I call "potentials," they email me, we talk and usually price is the main issue. I mean I don't want to turn clients down, it sucks, but making money is a big thing and not being able to make any sucks. I know there are a lot of talented people that deserve video work, but everyone is on a level playing field to me and fees for work are fees for work. Maybe I am just out of touch but I have to stick by my rates. We will see though, hopefully soon I can get back to shooting more stuff.

Random Movie Fact: In the original Godzilla film circa 1954, the sound department tried numerous animal roars for Godzilla but felt they were unsuitable for an animal of such immense size. Akira Ifukube came up with Godzilla's roars by rubbing a coarse, resin-coated leather glove up and down the strings of a contrabass (double bass), and reverberated the recorded sound. Also, Godzilla's thunderous footsteps were made by beating a kettle drum with a knotted rope.

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