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Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Day Ahead

So yesterday for my interview things went great! I got a job which is essentially part time, like a thing where whenever they get a gig, I get a gig essentially. I got to take a look around at the studio which was small but cool, they have a nice setup filled with a lot of gear and editing equipment. So as quickly as I basically got offered part time status I was already offered a gig today and tomorrow covering Honfest which leads me to today.

Today I will be at Honfest from about 11am to 3 or 4pm covering the events of the day. My job will essentially be booming at the event, and monitoring sound coming in through the boom microphone. It is an easy day, not even a full 12 hours (thank goodness) and I am making a little bit of money off of it as well. I hope I look professional and do a good job today since I will be working alongside the owner of the place that just hired me. Wish me some luck out there and if you are free swing by, I don't think you could miss me...I am the guy with the giant boompole in my hands.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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