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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day After B-Day

So yesterday was my birthday and it was a lot of fun! My girlfriend Ashley treated me to a day out at Ocean City and it was so cool. My friend Chris was visiting his sister down there and he hung with us for a good chunk of the day and it was a nice time. I got to go swimming in the ocean, riding all the awesome waves, I got pinched on my pinky toe by a crab, and I had a nice crabcake dinner. It was a good day and I can't thank Ashley enough for a wonderful and relaxing birthday. Oh and here is a pic of me chilling on the beach yesterday.

Random Movie Fact: In the 2008 film Iron Man, Ghostface Killah, a long-time fan of the Iron Man comics (he uses the aliases "Ironman" and "Tony Starks", titled his 1996 album "Ironman" and samples clips of Iron Man), got a cameo as a Dubai tycoon. However, his scene was cut from the final film. Jon Favreau apologized to Ghostface and used his "We Celebrate" video in the film.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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