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Friday, July 13, 2012

Product Photography

Well this week, I worked a few days a local car dealership taking photos of new cars for the website. It was a good learning experience and got to meet some nice people. I have been offered a part time job at the place, but I don't think I will stick with it just because the pay is too low and the work is harder than you think (baking out in the hot sun and manuevering the cars a different way for each shot takes it out on you). And on top of that the pay is next to nothing, but anyway here are some of the best shots from the week...Enjoy!

Random Movie Fact: In the 1982 film Creepshow, at the beginning of the film when the boys father is scolding him for reading the comic, the boy comes back with saying it's no worse than what's in the porno magazines his father has. Stephen King got his start writing short horror stories for pornographic magazines.

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Daniel Hess

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