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Monday, July 23, 2012

Foley Work and Scouting

So today was a big day for the foley work on my upcoming short film Voicebox. I was up at a local sound studio [kp] mag, they do great work you should go check them out if you are in Maryland and need any help with foley work or sound recording. Nice little studio for sure! We got through the majority of it today and will officially finish up tomorrow sometime in the day. After all that I had to go down to Fort Howard Park to do some scouting on a music video coming up on Wednesday. Today we picked the filming spot in the park and tomorrow we will be testing lights for the shoot. Finally we will be filming the performance end of the video on Wednesday. After that we will work on the story part but that is later down the road. Keep in the loop and on the lookout for Voicebox!

Random Movie Fact: Marlon Brando reputedly suggested that his cameo role as Jor-El be by him in voice over only, with the character's image onscreen being a glowing, levitating green bagel. Unsure if Brando was joking or not, the film's producers formally rejected the suggestion.

Thanks for the support,
Daniel Hess

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