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Friday, July 6, 2012

Music Video Shoot Tomorrow

So tomorrow is my first official shoot since the 48 hour film festival and it is a new rap music video for Kane Mayfield! I am excited to be working with him again and I am aiming to create something more cinematic than the last music video. So tomorrow starting around 1pm that is going to be the rest of my day!

Last night I went scouting on another upcoming music video with my DP Chris Hill, it was cool we got to check out a lot of the local bars around my way. After a couple of misses on bars we found the perfect one and we are in talks to lock it down for the video. I am excited for this one since it is a video for a genre I never thought I would get into, but it will be worth it for sure. So more to come on that, we are looking to actually film sometime between July 18th-20th.

Random Movie Fact: In the 1994 animated film The Lion King, one of the bugs that Timon pulls out of a knothole during Hakuna Matata is wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

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Daniel Hess

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