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Friday, November 18, 2011

Benched Before the Big Game

So today I got benched from the biggest games of the seasons by IBN. I should have been recording 1 or more championship games today but instead they decided to tell me that they were going to go with basketball games in the future, which is fine and dandy but on their website they were reporting how they were going to be at a bunch of games here in Maryland. I hope it is an error on my part because I have bent over backwards to do these games...granted I get paid decent for it still you would think that it would have some kind of pull after all these months. It was my bad that I couldn't do the second game last week but I pushed myself too hard and they kind of put me in a bad spot which forced my hand to say yes. I still shouldn't be punished by not recording these games today. Oh well, at least I got more filming of The Cat to look forward to this weekend.

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