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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I have an internship all lined up for this Thursday at 2:30pm with Black and Decker. For the internship I am basically going to be creating web content, editing, and just helping out with the video portion of Black and Decker. It is a pretty independent internship which focuses on mostly in house corporate style video production. It is a paid internship through Black and Decker which offers a lot for me to learn as far as video production/corporate communication. I am very excited and hope that the interview goes well even though I am extremely nervous.

I am also going to be finishing up my film Love is Undead this Sunday November 13th in the morning which should be a lot of fun and going back onto the set of The Cat on the 12th to help them again with sound and whatever else they need. So another packed week and another week of brushing school off, it is going to catch up to me but between the future and the now, it is pretty obvious what I am trying to invest in.

Thanks for the support/love,
Daniel Hess

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