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Monday, November 21, 2011

Filmmaker Manifesto

Today I have decided to post up my manifesto. As a filmmaker and artist I feel as though it is important to put into words exactly the way I feel everyday of my life.

I am a filmmaker an auteur as the French would call it. Every morning when I rise from bed the first thing on my mind is film and every night the last thing I think of before I go to bed is the same. Whenever I have a free moment to think about anything it is what moment would this be in a movie or what movie this reminds me of. The first thing to say when there is an awkward silence is "What was the last movie everyone saw," or joke about a really bad film. When I am at work doing something not related to film I think about movie ideas or picture myself inside of a film about my life...what part of this story does this represent I ask myself. When I finally get the chance to make a movie it is the greatest high I can get, the rush of getting shots done seeing my idea come to life, it is like every second is a thousand Christmas' culminating into one giant day. After the film is done I am happy because now I get to edit and can be alone for hours if I need to just making the film look how I want it to look. Once it is a final product I want to show the world, and I couldn't more proud. I show my family and they react in a way that is less than fantastic but I have the biggest smile on my face, people may say mean things about it and I listen but I selfishly think "What do they know." As a filmmaker my ego can inflate higher than a helium balloon and I can see myself as a great artist better than those around me, however I have to deflate to realize that working with others is going to be the way to go. I struggle constantly with inner demons threatening to make me quit but as time goes on I see that I can't stop moving no matter what comes in my way. I am a filmmaker one whose vision knows no bounds together with my crew and cast we can make a world changing film or we can destroy each other. This is my manifesto.

Thank you all for the love,
Daniel Hess

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